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iPhone App? Answered

It seems the iPhone app for Instructables doesn't work for me on my iPod Touch. When i try to download it, a message pops up saying "The item you tried to buy is no longer aailable." Any ideas on how i could get it to work.



Try other apps to replace iPhone app for Instructables

i want to get the app and when i type in instructables in the app store on my iphone it's not there
where could i get it?

My son installed it last week, so if it's been pulled that was a very recent decision.

I have found, though, that the site is much easier to use through the Safari browser, rather than through the app.

(The app won't work "landscape", for instance)

It seems that Instructables has pulled the plug on that app. You should probably wait about a few days and try download it then, in case it's just a bug or if the source is missing for some reason. Until then, you can just use this:


They must only just pulled it, because my eldest installed it on his Touch last week.

It seems that they have taken it off after all the bad reviews. It just hasn't come off the app store.