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ideas for a crepe maker? Answered

I've wanted to make a crepe maker for a while but could use some suggestions and advice on materials.

My first thought was "I have a spare cast iron skillet and an alcohol burner, maybe I can flip the skillet over and place it above the alcohol burner and a pan below to catch the drips."

But I'm sure that is riddled with problems...it wouldn't heat evenly and the bottom of a cast iron skillet is pretty bumpy.  Even with a lot of butter I think it would still stick.  Not to mention the resulting device would be pretty far from elegant.

I thought I'd try to crowd-source this puppy.  Any ideas for a funky looking crepe maker?  I don't know much about stove coils and I can't say I trust myself fiddling with that much power, so unless somebody knows of a real safe way to handle that I'd prefer a different heating method.

Of course, the cheaper it can be done the better but I'd expect to spend more than the bottom of the line commercial crepe maker (usually run about $50).


Check out some crepe making tips and crepe maker whereabouts from the amazing Chef Phil. Hope it will help. ;)

Are you looking at making a tabletop version so you can do the flambe'ed crepes at the dinner table and impress your guests? It seems the traditional steel thin crepe pans for stovetop gas or electric range use are less than your budget.

Heating with an alcohol lamp might only be suited for fondue as I don't think you can get the pan hot enough.  Cast iron would take a long time to heat up but you could try an angle grinder to smooth it down if you wanted the inverted crepe maker.  I guess to really gear up $$$ look at a portable induction single unit range.  Then use the steel or suitable core pans.  I think if you go hunting garage sales, a crepe maker might turn up for those disposing of rarely used wedding gifts.  

thanks for the great suggestions. The problem with traditional crepe pans are that they max out at about 10 inches. I want HUGE crepes! And the somewhat portable aspects of the dedicated crepe maker are nice. I tend to move quite a bit and never know if the stove is going to be decent or practically unusable.

I was hoping to do a little DIY, but yeah I think you are probably right. Scavenging a garage sale will probably yield the highest quality product for the smallest amount of money. And I guess garage sale hunting is fun in its own way.


At Maker Faire, they had the guys making the giant paellas. The shallow pans are may be similar. Fueled by outdoor propane gas burners. Mod a BBQ for outdoor use. Mongolian BBQ or round flattop indoor grills may also be worth looking into.