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ideas for homemade audio amplifier? Answered

I was interested in pursuing the Bike Stereo instructable but I would rather not buy the $30 amp.

What are the general ideas behind making decent-quality amplifiers for speakers? I have limited theoretical/practical experience with op-amps and I'm struggling to apply these ideas to a stereo system. Any thoughts?


TDA2002 (8 W mono with wide input voltage range) TDA2003 (10 W version of 2002) most single-chip car stereo amps (can be taken from old car stereo - it usually requires just few extra stuff for basic operation - not anywhere close to whats in the car stereo)

And National Semiconductor has some nice small amps, and if you download the PDF data sheets they all have examples of how to use the amp, some even have printed circuit board drawings, and if your lucky they may even offer you a free sample to help you learn how to use there products ((( Some amp chips like the LM3886TF are very nice but over kill for a bike ))) And there data sheets also explain just about every aspect of how it works and what you can do with it, and for the most part it's in English not geek speak.....

. Depends on your definition of "decent-quality." Googling
    "audio amp" +op-amp
should get you started.