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ideas for k'nex guns Answered

hey guys !

between if you've heard of me or not, probably not, i really like building k'nex guns, and i have made a few decent guns over the past year. my best gun would be SABR (Sharir170's Amazing Bullpup Rifle, instructions posted), second would be triple S rifle (Sharir1701's Super Sniper, not posted), and third would be a full-auto rifle i haven't named or posted (it works on an amazing new mechanism that i discovered with my friend, but he begged me not to post it, and made me swear, so i can't post it or show it or even explain how it works (major soz)).

anyway, i'm plain out of ideas, and i really wanna build some new guns, so if you'd like me to build something, anything, you name it, and i just might build it and post it.

you might be asking yourself : why should i do this... i've never heard of this guy, and therefore don't know if he's any good, and he's not a pro member on 'ibles, so he can't send me a patch...
all i have to say is that i've never given up on a k'nex goal i've set for myself and i just work on it on and on until i get it. and what you will get from this is the opportunity to build the gun you requested me to design, and get credit for the idea on the 'ible.

anyway, if any of you have any good ideas at all, say so and i might build them, no matter how stupid you think they might be.


Yeah man i've seen your concepts page like a thousand times and didn't find anything i really wanna build. I could probably build a lot of whats up there, i just don't find any really worth my time (no offense to you, you still have some great ideas there for less experienced knexers). Anyway, what i was really aiming for is like some special shape, replica, mechanism in a certain way etc.

Although, your power pack idea looks really tempting, and i've thought about it before, i was just too lazy to get to it. I might just build it soon, once i'm done with my working (of-course, otherwise its really easy, boring and worthless) bushmaster m17s replica (going amazingly well so far and i'm almost done). Anyway, if i start, get progress, finish or need help, i'll let you know...


Sweet, looks like a quality gun and a great model. And I know what you mean about the ideas. Those are mostly concepts that I didn't want to try. If you take a look at my guns, you'll notice that not many of the new mechanisms I made are in my Knex Concepts. I save the best ones for myself.

lol, your probably right doing so. although, i think you should explain better the 3252 and maybe add it to your concepts page, 'cause, since you let it go for now, you might want to let the crowd have a try at it. i did and i already learnt something, and if you want, i'll show you. anyway, more fresh minds are never harmful.

on another note, thanks, i'm gonna be posting it soon, once i finish it. it's shaping out real nice. i just gotta finish the mag release system (lever turn mech) and deduct the number of broken parts to the minimum, since i like to use a lot of broken pieces and then take what i can and substitute it with normal pieces. once i do that, i'll check performance of it and then maybe i'll post it.

Yeah, I definitely want to post an in-depth explanation of the 3252, I started drawing diagrams for it a while back but it's a challenge to explain how it works in a simple, step by step way.

Good. Yeah, definitely get the number of broken parts down. Did you know that my Z35 uses no broken parts? I think that says something about how unnecessary they are when you consider how complicated the Z35 is.

Agreed... Step by step for such a complicated mechanism like the 3252 is tough but im sure youll find a solution.

Yes i knew that, i built it like 6 months ago, but broken parts are still necessary for some mechanisms. Once i post it, if you would be able to get rid of all broken parts, ill be very glad, and you would have proven your point.

Regarding the broken parts, yeah, I still use them for some things. My UP2 and 3 each use one. To clarify what I was getting at; they're unnecessary, but sometimes beneficial. So eliminate all the non-beneficial ones.

i've finished the gun, but i've found ironman69's curved mag, and decided to mod it to fit my gun, and i did, so now i have a curved mag. also, it uses a bendy rod as a sort of a spring to push the bullets up, and it can hold up to 8 bullets (of course you can always make it bigger). so it's a curved, spring loaded, internal mag pusher mag that attaches to a mag release system... AWESOME !!!

lol, just lol. i'm literally laughing so hard at these old convos we had a long time ago. so funny...

a little late, i know, but i also forgot to say, that if you think about it, it's the most realistic knex mag i've ever made or seen, cause it's spring loaded, has a mag release system to connect to, is curved and shoots bullets the size of real bullets (including their shells). that's a real accomplishment for knex if you ask me...

Have you seen the bungee bazooka project?

Try replicating that in K'NEX!

we replicate real guns in knex, and besides, if i where to do a bazooka, i would have to make a slingshot mechanism, which i hate because of it's destructiveness and uncontrollable way of firing..

Note: "we" does not refer to the entirety of the K'nexing community. Some people enjoy building guns for the engineering involved.

i know... i didn't mean we only do replicas. i've done only one so far. i mean that if we're making a replica it would be of a real gun or a gun in a game, not some project that someone else is doing with a big tube he's calling a bazooka.

Alright, if you don't think this is worth your time, consider that no one to this day has yet been able to do so. Come up with a rubber band cog mechanism with a near frictionless trigger. That is, even with 8 #64s or so stacked on it, it should take as little effort as possible to pull the trigger and get it to cycle. Most current RBG mechanisms have you push against the cog to get it to cycle meaning you have to resist the force of all the loaded bands.

Of course people have done it before. I cant remember any of the guns that have this that ive seen, so if you want me to do it, i will.

P.S. What you described in your comment is completely unecissary. I wont go into details describing how it should work, but of you want, ill make it and post it so you can see.

Well, exactly, if it was done right, it should've been remembered. I don't recall any, though. So give it a shot.
And I know, I was describing how the typical one works and why that isn't effective at all. I was thinking a sliding trigger system would probably work best because then you just have to resist the friction of pieces sheering past each other. And if the trigger made as little contact with the cog or gear to begin with, so a very short trigger pull, then I'm sure it would work out.

alright i'll make it. there still is a better way than a sliding trigger, although i see where that idea comes from, and it's not too bad. i'm still making my mechanism for the trigger, and since you want short trigger pull, i will adjust my idea to be able to work with a short trigger pull. i'll do that by elongating the arm that the trigger pushes on the alternating block revolver. you'll see soon enough. i'm doing this purely for the mechanism. i'm not gonna make a nice body for it. if you want, i can give you the mech, and you'll post the gun, after making a nice body for it, and giving me credit.

scratch that last part. i am making it a nice body. i'm making it a l86 lsw body (or at least i'll try to. now, i have a dilemma - i'm not sure if i wanna make it only an RBG, or a gun that uses bands to propel bullets (similar to a slingshot, only much more stable, and a little weaker, although, it will have a magazine and multiple bands, making it also semi-auto). respond as fast as you can please, i wanna start making it.

Well, as long as you make the mechanism, that's all I care about, because, yes, I was planning on using the mech in a gun so that I could test out my own concept, and of course you'd get credit for the mech. Good luck with whatever you attempt, though.
Unless you want to collaborate, then I'll give you my idea on how to make it a controllable fully automatic weapon. I really don't know how much people will like the concept when it works, because it could be both revolutionary or just a short burst of excitement that dies out afterward, so I didn't know if I wanted to claim credit and make the gun myself or just have someone else do it while I claim credit solely for the concept.

i think you should make the full auto gun incorporating my mechanism (assuming it's what you meant). anyway, it's done. i have made two (i decided not to shape them at all, just for performance of the mech) and they came out pretty strong. i made 2 vids of them, one simply demonstrating the shooting, and one of me loading and then dual wielding them to shoot 20 bands (of course they are semi-automatic right now). if you can't make them off the vid, comment and i'll show you internals.(WARNING: uses broken parts. you could probably get rid of some of them, but i didn't bother trying).

here are the vids:
SA RBG demonstartion

Only had one on there, let me know when the other is there. And also you don't have to show me but can you simply test and see if at least 8 #64 bands could be shot comfortably with it? Otherwise it's look good so far. Yeah, seeing the internals would be nice. It seems different from what I saw with the trigger mech being mostly behind the cog, which will actually be nice for my full auto idea because I'll need room to add a special trigger extension that'll go in front of it.

I dont have #64 bands, but my normal bands can be up to 11 on there, so i believe it won't be too complicated to modify the trigger mech to be stronger and hold more tension. Anyway, today and tommorrow im at my brothers house and i dont have my camera, computer or anything else, so the internals will be here in like 2-3 days maybe less

i think i also have an idea for a full auto RBG mechanism. by the way, how is yours going?

Never had the chance to build it, I've been away from my pieces, and I've still yet to see pics for internals.

hey man, whats going on... did you see the internals? are you building/planning anything?

Checked them out, too many cut pieces for my liking. Sorry, man. Plus other plans came up so yet again I'm putting this one on the back burner.

i whipped up this gun in a sec, so i used a lot of cut pieces, but i've made the same mech before without cut pieces, it all depends on how you do it.

right... anyway, i have them now, so here they are: