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ideas wanted: I need to build automatic 180 degree swivel chair for stage prop Answered

I need to build an automatic (motorized) chair that can swivel 180 degrees for a stage prop on the cheap. It must be able to support at least 200 lbs (the chair and the person in the chair.) I found the swivel hardware that can support up to 750lbs. Now I'm trying to figure out how I can make it turn 180 degrees. (Kind of like the chairs on The Voice that comes on NBC. Thanks


You could probably modify a chair with bungee-cor and rope. You'd just need to wrap the bungee around and have a release mechanism.



7 years ago

Would it work adding some sort of servo? you can limit movement on them

Or maybe add a cut off switch... as the chair swivels have its movement trip a connector switch to cut the power and stop the chair moving?

without seeing what your working with I can only suggest things that may work... depends on what your using

Personally if it was for one of my productions I probably would have used something like a windscreen wiper motor to make the turning motion... I have used them before making robots and such

thinking about it using switches would probably give you a 'low bulk' and easily hidden system.... switches like thease http://www.maplin.co.uk/low-cost-standard-microswitches-6453

Oh well from one prop maker to another good luck! :D

a regular spinning office chair won't work? If it will then a bolt through the shaft at the bottom will work as an attachment point for a cord. Simply pull the cord and the chair will spin.

Second suggestion is to place the swivel hardware between two boards. Which I'm sure your already doing. Small stops will prevent over spin. Depending on how you want to drive the chair you could use simple switches embedded into the stops to turn off your "winch".