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ideas what to do with quotes printed on frosted paper .. unfamiliar craft I need instruction as to what to do with them Answered

I need ideas on what to do with wedding quotes printed on frosted paper. A craft I am unfailiar with but my neice is getting married and I picked these up...now I need instruction as to what to do with them.....examples.......My heart is ever at your service....Shakespeare....   I just know there is a very elegant craft out there waiting for me ...thanks to all who reply


Are they like scrapbook things?

I think a really cool idea is to take a bunch of pictures at the wedding, be adventurous and creative, then print them off. Then cut up the quotes so each one is like a piece of confetti. Then, one month later send the newlyweds a surprise package filled with the pictures and those quotes and maybe some small mementos from the wedding.

or you could make a kind of picture frame for a photo. just use the quotes as paper mache. grab a photo mat, mix up some glue and water and basically paint the quotes onto the mat. It will make a sweet frame for a candid photo or something.


8 years ago

As rick says, a lampshade would work nice, but putting them under a glass table isn't a bad idea either. They would make excellent shutters too.

Lemonie, I believe these quotes should be kept as a memory and not sold for money.




Answer 8 years ago

I think he was being funny... I thought it was funny!

These are lines from someone else's wedding?
I'd sell them at a $1 a pop to people there who don't know what to write on your neice's book.