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if a snails shell is broken will it die or anything bad will happen? Answered

'i wanted a pet snail but i also wanted to carry it if the shell brakes will it die or will there be any possible problems?when will the shell be able to break and how can you carry it im talking about slugs too but not about the shell slugs dont have any shells though.



Best Answer 9 years ago

If a snail's shell breaks, it could die, but I think it could maybe live, too. A snail's shell is both its skeleton and its skin. The worst danger from a broken shell is probably the risk that the shell itself might cut the snail's body, followed by the danger of infection by germs getting in through where the shell used to be.

I think I may have heard of someone successfully gluing a live snail's broken shell back together with superglue; but it would take good eyes, very steady hands, a cooperative and otherwise uninjured snail, and a great love of gastropods.

On the other hand, if you are able to find a sturdy case to carry the snail in, and able to carry it with out too much jostling or any hard jolts, the shell probably won't break. If there's nothing hard in the case that could slam into the snail's shell, and the snail is stuck to the wall of the case (which is where a snail would usually tend to be), it'd probably be okay even if the case accidentally got thrown or dropped or something.

Pet stores often have little plastic "critter carriers" (I think that's the name) that are sturdy and have vents in their lids, which might be ideal. Thrift shops sometimes have them, too.

If you like slugs, check out the official University of California, Santa Cruz mascot, the Fighting Banana Slug (scroll to almost the bottom of the page for the slug stuff). Yes, they are bright yellow; and yes, they can get to be 6 inches long (although they're usually only 3-4" or so :).

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9 years ago

it will die if the shell is broken badly

What kind of snail? Most small snails are surprisingly hard to damage when dropped, and giant African Land Snails are illegal in the US.