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if i make my antenna wire longer on my driveway monitor will it have better range? Answered


What frequency ? Rather than making a longer antenna, making one with a higher gain would be better still. Look for the "slim jim" antenna design - very simple to make, extremely good performance.


Antenna length is tuned to the frequency, if you change it you'll de-tune it in some way. msw100 is right in that boosting the power will work, but your other option is to directionallise the antenna. Do you know what frequency it operates at?



8 years ago

For better range you need more power .a longer antenna will make little change as it is tuned to the receiver for that frequency and could make it worse if changed.
Try changing its position that may help

It may have better connection quality, but this does not necessarily mean it gets better range.  The original reason extendable antennas were put on cell phones was to improve connection quality in shoddy areas.