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if u have an ipod touch and it says disable connect to itunes what do u do? Answered



Does the iPod say it's disabled and you need to connect it to iTunes to re-enable it, or does it say that iTunes is disabled on the iPod?

If the iPod is disabled and you need to connect it to iTunes that means that someone has disabled it remotely using the "Find My iPod" app, and you need to connect it to the owners computer to re-enable it. (I've never seen what the disabled message is from that app... I've never had a need to use it, so I'm just taking an educated guess.)

If iTunes is disabled, that means someone has disabled iTunes (probably your parents... judging by your grammar and spelling) and you would need to talk to them in order to re-enable it.

Ive gotten this message using an older 2nd gen one. The point where you get it is if you incorrectly enter a passcode too many times. The ipod locks up, and will only let you enter more passcodes once it has been connected to a computer with itunes on it (possibly it HAS to be the computer it was last synced with).

So, if you dont know the passcode of it, i suggest you contact whoever you got it from and ask them.

OR if it has a little picture of a cable plugging into the itunes icon, it needs to be set up or it is in DFU mode, which is completely different.

OK, I was wondering if that could be the case as well, but I thought it wipes everything out once it has too many wrong passwords... not just lock out. Oh well... that shows how much I know about iPods! :)

You can set it to wipe after too many attempts, but as far as I know, many people do not (I on the other hand, put an email or phone number as the lock screen while traveling, in case I lose it).

Yeah, after jailbreaking mine (and getting stuck in DFU and restore modes.. ugh restore mode is the worst), and troubleshooting them for the entire family, Ive gotten pretty good at it. Anywhere from crashing apps to not charging, I am your guy :)

I'll have to remember that if mine ever dies... ;) (Of course after bricking my 3rd gen after trying to put a DOS prompt on it, I'm not even jailbreaking my 4th gen... so I'm pretty careful...)

I didnt think any ipods even supported DOS.
Jailbreaking was actually relatively easy for me on a 4th gen, even when it got stuck in restore mode I was able to revert it without having to restore everything to factory.

lol the best ipod brick story ive ever heard :)

Yes... That's when I realized that I should just be content with what they're designed for... (can you imagine what apple would say if I asked for help fixing that one???) ;)

Where is it saying that? I've never seen anywhere in either of my iTouchs where any connection to iTunes is listed.