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if you have ever had acid reflux then open this! Answered

I woke up really early one morning with an awful feeling in my mouth and throat. Acid Reflux. Evil. I did some research and i found a site reccomending apples. I walked over to the fridge and grabbed a cup of applesauce. GONE instantly! none of the medicenes worked, but the applesauce worked! So if that ever happens to you EAT APPLES!  I remember lots of people on here complained about it so I figured i'd post! tell me how it works for you!


I've never heard of apples as a temp. fix for this but is worth a try.

My better half had suffered from this for years and years, been to doctors and taken OTC and perscription meds (at quite a cost) and nothing ever really worked for long. Then she had been reffered to a Homeopathic doctor for a different condition, and when discussing her problems the doctor explained what the cause was. Part of the stomach had slipped up past the diaphram(sp?) and it cause the acid to go up when moving or laying down. This makes sense to me as a plumbing issue, cause thats all it really is, plumbing in the body. Anyway the doctor had my wife lay down and proceeded to "pull" or maniputate the stomach back down where it's supposed to be below the diaphram. After years of going to regular doctors and untold $ going for temp fixes, this Doctor had totally fixed this problem in five mins! She got up from the table and knew by the way it felt that it was fixed. If I haden't seen it myself I would have been skeptial but I seen it in her face, in her eyes, it worked. Long story short don't close your mind to what the "real" doctors tell you. Research and find out how to get away from the drug pusher type of doctor. Better living thru chemicals is not better living, it's an addiction to temporary short term fixes to waste money on.

.  Sounds a lot like a hiatal hernia to me, but I'm no doctor and have never played on on TV. If that's it, the cure may not be permanent.

Thats pretty much right on the head. You sure you weren't on General Hospital back in the 70's? =)

If you look at the site it reinforces what I have said. They want to treat the symptoms and prevent complications. But the only "cure" they have is surgery if it doesn't go away. Now for a simple non-invasive 5 min fix for the cost of a co-pay VS a expensive invasive surgery with all the complcations that could happen, I think more people should be open to homeopathy whole body approach. Even if it comes back in the future it's still safer and cheaper than surgery to get it done again.

Wow, this was amazing. Not sure I understand how to "pull the stomach back down" . It's a miserable problem.

Yes it was. If I didn't see it with my own eyes I woouldn't have belived it myself. I'm a very skeptial person but that REALLY opened my mind. Basicly the Dr said part of why it happends is the way you sit and or carry yourself. If you don't sit up straight or slump alot, the stomach slips upwards. When the Dr pulled it back down it did hurt my wife as she did it, but she was relieved as soon as she stopped and hasn't had a problem since. Best way to describe it was she was pinching and pulling the stomach down through the flesh over the area. Kinda looked like when someone gets a massage and they press down and push at the same time.

I appreciate that your wife feels better, and I respect that. However, chemical medicines *work*, and homeopathy is purest bunk.

It must just be the cooling effects, since apples are, themselves, acid...

Nah, it's "an apple a day keeps the doctor away..."

There is some acid in apples, and lots of sugar. I have ARD (GERD) and anything I put IN my stomach, forces more stomach juices into the esophegus, so I have to eat less (and take my once a day proton pump inhibitor, or I burn my throat, constantly. Barretts disease (cancer) can result from too much burning from stomach acid.