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im a beginner bow hunter this year and I was wondering weather to use 100 gr. broadheads or 125 gr. plz help me!! argg! Answered

I am using a factory setup PSE chaos (whisker biscuit, peep sight quiver usual stuff) I only have a string loop and doinker as accessories.


. I'm not a bow hunter, but it seems to me that a lighter arrow/head would give you more speed (flatter trajectory), which would make hitting where you aim a little easier for a beginner.

yes that is true but most shots ar around 20-30 yards and 125 has more nock down and jtobako is right about what he shoots better with and it depends on what your hunting for good sized deer and smaller i'd use 100 gr. and to big northen whitail that get to 300 pounds dressed and bigger i'd use 125 because most 125 have bigger blades and more knock down but that could help them cut through most small game and if you want try bowfishing to help pratice of season

Which one do you shoot better with? That's the one to use. Techno-crap is useless if you aren't comfortable with the equipment and confident that you can hit where you are aiming at. You haven't mentioned the strength of the bow or the spine of the shafts. DON'T go hunting with equipment you aren't sure about. Better to wait a year than wound what you should have killed.