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im at school and EVERTHING is blocked, except instructables Answered

i NEED something to do, im so bored, but the words, firefox, hack, and a bunch of other words are blocked


Consider yourself lucky. My school blocks Instructables. D:


10 years ago

The word forefix is blocked? Man, if you're using IE your web filter has some serious jealousy issues, and if you're using the aforementioned forefix then that's just plain stupid. I think there should be a "do-it-yourself-a-day" where all the instances of the offending H-word word are replaced with, I don't know, "hug".

firefox, you know? mozilla firefox?

He was doing it on purpose because your school blocks the word firefox...

I'd assume he's probably doomed himself, the OP has the words firefox and hack in them, so he likely can't access this.