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im in school and BORED! Answered

im bored, my dad is going over to his girlfriends so i might make hamburgers for dinner, or china man food.



9 years ago

how are you not bored in school? its death with pencils

You're bored? In school?

Do extra work - extend yourself!

Ignore kiteman, enjoy boredom while you have to time to be bored.

Ach, there's boredom and there's boredom. Get bored in school, you end up like GM.

I miss boredom, but then i have so many project ideas, i dont have time for boredom! Im counting 5 unfinished projects.

Its time for another week long duel!

Though, i could take you on if your upto the challenge?

I would love to, but at the moment, my camera is being replaced...

well, im sure i will still have 5 ready to go for when your camera comes back!

Beat you - I have eight eventually publishable ideas in my unpublished folder (I thought of a cool one on Sunday, I'm just shopping for parts now), plus a few in my notebook, and I've collaborated on two other projects that are just waiting for other people to hit the publish button.

well, my projects are normally a bit more involved (more man hours), but if you take my ideas, then i gave up counting them at 23...

yeah, the initial 5, are projects that are in progress, the other 17 are ideas, having said that, my limit of time helps me to narrow down projects, it help weed out the rubbish ones!

I wonder if that guy isn't quite smart, but has absolutely no conscience/common sense.