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im not leaving instructables but im not really doing anything either Answered

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 for all the 16 followers i have. if u really liked my instructables. fine. but im not really into knex anymore. no im never getting ride of my knex because when i have kids ill give it to them. the reason im telling u this is because i have been working on 2 guns for the last year and still havent completed them.

the reason why i haven't been on insturctables in a SUPER long time is because my hobby is rc cars.
ones that go 45 mph. 1/8th scale of a real car. super big bore shockes. two batteries.

also, if u wanna get into this hobby, you can message me on youtube. (if u have a youtube account) or here on instructables.

if u still wanna follow me, u can go to my youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/puffmonster689?feature=mhee

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Aron313 (author)2012-03-10

Nice trucks!!!! Do you have any nitro?

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mberg (author)Aron3132012-03-10

no, i was gonna trade my stampede vxl for a nitro evader but i didn't.
i like nitro but i probably won't get one. i would choose petrol over nitro because we have a gas tank on our farm so its like unlimited fuel. and we don't go to my hobbyshop often enough.

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