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i'm searching some high sensitive metal like mercury if you know some other please share ? Answered

i'm searching some material in which a very heat can flow with out destroy  the metal


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Jack A Lopez (author)2017-08-16

Are you asking about fusible metals?


That is to say, metals "capable of being easily fused, i.e. easily meltable, at relatively low temperatures."

That article lists several known alloys, most of them with melting points less than 100 C.

By the way, for some of these recipes, especially those containing alkaki, or alkalai earth metals (groups 1 and 2 on the periodic table), it is important to check, look up, reactivity data, because some of those alloys react spontaneously with room temperature air.

As an example, NaK, alloys of sodium and potassium, have room temperature melting points, but they also react, burn, into caustic white dust, spontaneously on contact with air.

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Josehf Murchison (author)2017-08-16

Gallium is neat melts in your hand.

Bismuth is another interesting metal lots of pretty colors.

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rickharris (author)2017-08-16