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i'm sorry... Answered

i am sorry about my spelling. my spelling is not this bad in real life. it's just when i type i some times type a wrong key, and then forget to spell check. I AM SORRY!!!!!!!!!! :(


also i am working on making my typing better. :)

Dude no worries. I thought you were oblivious, and spelled badly due to you not caring. But least you know. Hopefully check before posts.

Just take your time when you type. There is no rush.

dont wurry you dont have to say surreh to me or anyone else on this sight Some people have reallly bad grammer and dont use any punctuationor antythingn in the linse of spells checking Sometimes they decides to ptu a capital to tell between some wsentences, but sometings they dont

Take a typing course.


10 years ago

D'yu want to try firefox, there's a spell checker in-built.. :)

I know the feeling. Most of my misspellings are mistypings and then being too quick with the mouse click on POST

Well, I have found that not hurrying is a key factor. All too often I am more hurried (and harried) then I need be. :-)

yea me to. i rush my typing a lot for some reason.

Well, my anxiety (plus the pressures I get at home from the wife occasionally) tend to make me "rush" too much.

i usely have homework to do and people tend to IM me when i am posting a comment and so i rush the comment to talk to them.

than you. although perhaps that besides the point...

Switch to Firefox internet browser. It's free, and it has a spell check.

Amen! Yet another reason to go Firefox :D

I have the same add on for Mozilla Flock too (which I use at home almost as much as I do FireFox).

you still have to acknowledge the underlined misspelled words and look for and correct them.......quick on the Post button doesn't help that malady....for sure (I use FF) :-)


10 years ago

I accept your, uh, apology, but if you want to show that you really care, then take the time to go over your comment. Not only spelling, but also grammar, capitalization, and punctuation.


10 years ago

But I thought THIS was real life.