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im trying to make a handle in clip 45 cal knex replica Answered

so i need some suggestions plz


ok well for the handle i think its best to use the good ol' dark grey connector ammo load. i don't see it often but its my favorite magezine type and very easy to work with. if you dont know what it is which i doubt then its just snow flakes with orange connectors in between but with one side extended with blacknobs so that dark greys can be loaded instead of green rods. then for clips i use hobolords idea of sticknotes. I'll try making one myself if i have the pieces...getting the curve that isnt at a 45 degree is the hard part

hey hey i got my own pistol done...it doest look like a 45 cal pistol much though although it does look semi-cool. I figured out an easy way to use the loading style i was talking about but adding an angle to it...you simply dont connect the snowflakes and only the orange connectors you should be able to then move it so its at a slant then just tape a side to keep it there. I'll get a picture of it up later today but i wont post it as its nothing special. Maybe you can figure out how to make a good replica using the handle idea i just had...my gun isnt too comfortable with it anyways

the dunkis please post and darth person ive posted the thing on my form heres a quick peak of the clip im stuck on the handle best if you design because i dont know about the barrel and stuff.

Photo 6.jpg

and yes thats ducktape but it works very well.

I've tried a clip in the handle type of pistol but its just too hard for me to make. Getting a curved handle isnt hard but if you will accept a straight handle then its easy peasy

does it matter what it fires cause green little rods be the easiest but i could try whites

ive been thinking about a clip in a gun handle like that for a while long before i discovered this site and i have an idea but it would be chunky and not comfortable.

how do u post ideas i always thought they were in ur head? lol illl try it out and make a picture

Ill make the handle you make the barrel. Ill try

Do you want it to be like a working model or just for show?


10 years ago

Duct tape?