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indoor skydiving Answered

hello, I need specs on how to make an indoor skydiving equipment. I heard it needs a very powerful motor coupled with a turbine type of propeller. Maybe you are an engineer who can help. I dont want to buy. i want to make it with your help. Maybe a two person size will do. Please


I've seen some great projects here and wise inventors. I have tremendous belief that someone somewhere can fill me up here. thanks instructables.

I know this was nearly three years ago, but was there ever any progress? I've an interest in making this happen and potentially taking it to Burning Man in a few years.

Looks like the SkyVenture ones use a blade at the top of the chamber. I'm interested in exploring a few different prototypes and possibly having one that can lift people 20-50 ft.

Good day man,

I'm an engineering student, and my project at the moment is to build a skydiving simulating wind tunnel, or more specifically the design of the blade that will cause the air particles to mvoe at our terminal velocity.  

I gotta say, you make it sound VERY easy, considering that it is a 2 year project for me (and i have the luxury of having all the university's resources).

But to start you of, The HP req. by your motor is one of the last calculations your gonna make, because that depends on the weight of your fan and more critically speed that the blades have to rotate. This in turn depends on the PROFILE of the blades, the amount of blades, the profile of your tunnel, ect...

So yeah it is a awesome project, but not to be taken lightly.

Good luck

you see, that is the reason there are webpages like these so people can interact among each  other. so now your sying we should calculate further.
why not simply cut across all these figures and install a small helicopter engine and propeller and adjust the speed until you reach a certain mph enough to bring the person a few feet from the ground. isnt that easier than a pen and paper together with a 1 foot thick calculus text book?
what i am saying is there should be another way around that wheel that has been invented already
i thank you for your response though.
let's us help each other here so we bothend up smiling to a completed project.

maybe a helicopter engine could do plus fabricate the propeller to fit the diameter of the play area.
what doyou think?

still didnt get anything from the answers;. maybe an engineer can help. or maybe someone can compute for me. I have access to motors and fabrication shops so I can have things made but i dont have sizes and power. please

Awesome project! Start by working out the speed at which the air will have to flow to make the people stay at the same height i.e. the force from the air equals the force of gravity.

hello, I already have those info. question is how to come up with the hp of the motor and the type of blades to use. THis is where I am stalemate

i am deffanetely no expert but it might just be the cheapest to find an old car motor or attach a belt to your car, and mold up a propeller using foam and fiberglass. build up a small tower and  your golden..

. You may be able to get a ballpark figure for motor HP by using an HVAC manual. It's going to be pretty high (I'll guess somewhere around 100HP) as you have to move a lot of air at high speed (~70MPH, IIRC). . I wouldn't think that blade design would be critical, as there will be straightening/distribution vanes between the fan and chamber. But I'm no expert.

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10 years ago

One thing to keep in mind when you contemplate building this thing... SAFETY!

Contemplate the following scenario: One of your skydivers has his keys fall out of his pocket. The bundle of keys drops through the grating, and onto the propeller, scattering the blades. Sharp pieces of metal fly in all directions, skewering your group of friends you invited to come test out your new wind tunnel...

I don't want to scare you away from trying to build your own indoor skydiving setup, but it's important to remember that you're essentially levitating tender human flesh above a Cuisinart!

So - make sure you treat this with the caution it deserves. At a very minimum, I would seriously over-engineer the grating separating your "flyers" from the wind turbine. Make it strong enough that it will easily hold eve if you were to fill up the entire chamber with people and they're jumping up and down on the thing. Then make sure the mesh is fine enough to stop the average key (that being one of the most likely scenarios, I think) - even if that significantly increases the drag. Make sure you screen the air inlet similarly.

or "How to Get Windburn While Inside" LOL