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induction heater plans that work? Answered

i need an induction heater to heat a half inch pice of round mild steel, i need a schematic and circuit diagram, if anyone knows where i can find this with parts i can get from maplin i would be most gratefull thanks in advance everyone martyn


you could buy an induction heater fro informatiion unlimited for $175

*face palm* since when is a blueprint/plans/schematic = just buy a premade one??? that's being a consumer not building from scratch

Its very simple you can use medium or high frequency induction heater depending upon the depth of heating. If you want to harden the piece to certain depth then you need a high frequency Induction Heating system, typically 450 KHZ.. For hardening of steel you should have proper carbon percentage. And the power of the equipment will depend upon as how many pieces you need to heat per min/hr. I need more information for the project.

i need a circuit to melt metal [in a crucible] for aluminum that i thencast in a mold thank you ahead of time toni

ME and a friend took this on last year, and have com eup with a pretty darned good system that we have open-sourced.  Google Neon John Induction Heater and you will find it.

He's got a couple of different heaters, plans, .pcb files, descriptions of hard-to-find parts.  Ritchie has a grat site, but what it lacks in detail that would allow anyone to build a heater, Neon John supplies.

Worth a look anyway!

me again-- http://www.fluxeon.com/Roy1200open.html

I have found that small metal rings and such can be heated by putting them in a microwave oven. I was experimenting with using the oven for heating the getter in vacuum tubes from an old TV. ~Bob~

These work for an HF system
Building an induction heater from there isn't trivial though.

How hot do you want to get ? Could you use a microwave instead ?

Maplin ? Forget it. HF induction needs some serious bits of componentry.