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ink jet printer Answered

Help, I want to make pillows for my kids with pictures of their dogs.  I cannot find any place in Phoenix that has ink jet printers.  What can I do???




Try Best Buy. There's 3 stores in Phoenix.

Ink jet printers are pretty common.... most stores should have a good selection from basic, inexpensive models to higher quality, more expensive models.

If you don't want to buy an ink jet printer, you can always try Kinko's (which is now called FedEx Office). There's also 3 locations in Phoenix. You'll just have to ask them if they'll print photos onto iron-on paper. If they do, you can buy packages of iron-on transfer pages (such as Avery brand) from pretty much any office supply store. Once you have the photos printed to the iron-on paper, all you have to do is iron-on the image to the pillow.

I hope that helps. :-)

thanks. No, I don't want to buy the printer. I have already tried Office Max and Kinkos, but they only have laser jet printers. I bought the computer fabric at Jo Ann's, but it says to only use ink jet printer. I will go back and see if I can exchange this packet for the iron-on transfer pages. Then I guess I can do the transfer with a laser printer, correct? Does this method make good quality pictures.

I think you need to find a friend with an inkjet printer. I'm thinking you purchased the "print on fabric sheets". It's just a thin fabric with a coating to better adhere to the ink. Ink-jets use a real liquid ink. Copiers and laserjet printers use a powdered ink called toner that must be heat set to the paper. Iron transfer papers are really a thin rubbery coating that you can print on which peel away from a backer paper or liner when you iron it on and transfer it to your shirt or fabric. Because heat is used in that step for the transfer, only inkjet printers can be used to print the image since there is no heat. I have seen some iron on transfer paper that are specifically for use in color or black and white copiers but they are several more times expensive than the inkjet transfer paper and only found in specialty art supply stores. Even then, the compatibility with a laser copier is iffy, running a sheet through might gunk up and trash your printer. Not for color laser printers which might run at a hotter temperature to fuse the toner.

Iron on transfers are great and you get pretty much a good detailed "photo-like" image on the transfer. You just have to find an ink jet printer. Good luck.

Oh, my preference is to use only laserjet printers, I swore off inkjets because of the maintenance if you don't use them and the high cost of ink. But I keep one around for instances like this where only an ink jet printer will do.

and the other option is to take it to a one-hour photo place where they put your photo on a tee-shirt or something, ask them to just give you the iron transfer that they use.

I was thinking of something similar to that... Many of our shopping malls have the token T-Shirt printing store (using heat transfers). I'm sure they could also help in getting the images done (for a fee). :-)

thanks, Ladies.

I went back to Jo Ann's and swapped my pkt for one that is an iron-on transfer. Then I went to Office Max and they enlarged my photos for me. Next, I will copy the enlarged pics to the transfer paper and then iron the pics onto the fabric. I am hoping this will do the trick. '

I'll let you know. You have both been a wealth of information.


I've used the iron-on printer pages before and they look the same as professional jobs, so no complaints. Just MAKE SURE, you check the package. Most packages are for ink jet printers only, but I have seen packages for laser printing, but again, check the packages to make sure.