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inkjet printer part question expectation ? Answered

i pulled them out of a laser ink printer but what do i have as far as build a gadget wise??????WHATS A PANASONIC MASQ6MB8LA-DC24V11339RPM-18MAR94NA??????????whats a 94v-0 md-pwb 0050gc sharpwhats a sharp ne49s?what can i use them to make???????......?


WHATS A PANASONIC MASQ6MB8LA-DC24V11339RPM-18MAR94NA?????????? whats a 94v-0 md-pwb 0050gc sharp whats a sharp ne49s? reply to ericlloydelder@aol.com

panasonic (1).jpgpanasonic.jpg

GOOGLE if they don't know - Dump it.

OH! I think thats the security framitz. It links your illegal printing activities back to the home land security relay that goes to the black helicopters circling you house right now. Do you have the one shot version or the repeater?