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instructable can't be seen in Incredimail Answered

For the last month I have not been able to see te complete Instructable email when viewed with Incredimail. I haven't updated Incredimail so it shouldn't be that.  I get just what fits in the preview pane and the progress bar shows a full indicator. If i double click in the e-mail to open it separately i get the same problem.  I can however see the e-mail if i select forward or reply but of course no links are active so I can't get at them from there. When the e-mail is selected for viewing you can't scroll down to see the rest.  It works fine for all other e-mails I get.

Attached is a screen shot showing the screen with the Insreuctable in the preview pane.
Bill Laurin  


The only workaround for this is to forward the email to yourself. You will then be able to view it as if you received it directly from the source. At this point that is the only solution that incredimail is giving.

I'm having the same trouble in my Incredimail. What's weird is, when I actually click on the title, the bar isn't full which would allow me to scroll, but after a second or two, the bar is full and can't scroll down. It might an Incredimail issue, however it only occurs with newsletter emails, so it could also be the coding that a certain newsletter site or software is using.

There is a workaround for this, a bit of a pain in the butt, but it works. When you receive the email, hit the Forward button in the menu bar and you'll see you can scroll down :)

Not much of a pain at all. Hit forward and there it is to scroll down to the bottom. Thanks

Maybe it takes a few seconds for it to fully load...

Hi, I am having the same problem and I do not know how to send a message to this part of site except by doing this. Please is there any help at all yet?

You might want to try sending staff an email about this problem. The Instructables email is located at the bottom of the website. (service AT instructables DOT com). Hopefully someone will get back to you within a few days.

Hopefully this comment will get the staff's attention...

I've advised another member to report here who is having the same issue (but I'm not sure if its with Incredimail or not). Either way, the member is unable to see the full newsletter email as the scroll bar is missing.

It may be an issue specific to these members email programs, but due to the number of members having this problem, it's worth looking into by staff.


6 years ago

Hi everyone. Well I am on the dev. team for Incredimail. Spoke to their head guy there in Israel and he assured me that it isn't incredimail but that the originators of Instructables have forgotten some code. I sent the e-mail to them for them to analyze and that is what I was told. So it is a case of Not ME from Both sides. So Now I just set an set a message rule to forward the Instructable automatically to myself when it comes in and all is well in my world once again.


6 years ago

I'm also having the same problem as is my daughter. Started a couple of months ago.

Ok so I'm not the only one having this problem. Good to know, Thanks

That's just incredimail (which, I'm sorry, but what a useless piece of spyware!). :p