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instructables 'make comment' button not working Answered

The simple solution to this is to click the button twice (this works for me). If by any chance an instructables web developer is browsing this forum, I would be happy to help code/fix this problem. I don't know how you have it currently programmed. If you could show me how you have it programmed I might be able to help. I know there is somehow an event handler linked to the button, but since it isn't inline, I can't find the function that is called when the button is clicked.

To make it more clear how to post a comment if you are experiencing this problem:
1. Type your comment.
2. Click the 'make comment' button twice.
3. Look and make sure you haven't posted two comments (sometimes it does that). If you have posted two comments simply delete one.



3 years ago

UPDATE: It seems as though they have fixed this bug. Tell me if that is the case for you. Thanks instructables.

Same here.

I also just received 180 Instructables notifications, I was time they fix the notifications bug. :)

I agree. I haven't gotten any in about a year...

Indeed, for me it is working fine for a few days now.
_Was not posting anything in this regards as I wanted to make sure it stays this way.
Definately easier to comment now :)

It's working! I no longer have to click twice.

You seem to have fixed it. Wow! Now remember, with great power comes great responsibility - ask them to fix the comment notifications rather than request theme muzak or neon green backgrounds

I came by to comment that it seems to be fixed! Thanks Instructables staff!

I type my comment and press make comment once and wait...

If I see "Posting" then it is ok, otherwise press make comment again...


Maybe email your offer directly to service@instructables.com? If you include some of the code you mention, that might help as well?

PS, I only had to click Make Comment once for that comment - the bug is intermittent.

I have to click twice and the only notifications I get is when my Instructables are featured or featured in the homepage.

I've had to click twice for so long I assume that it is actually a feature rather than a bug (kind of like an "are you sure?" check).

It's been like that since I joined Instructables and as you said, I don't think this is a disadvantage. :)

The main bug they should concentrate on is not receiving notifications trough email.

The last notification I've received was on February 16 if this is of any help to fix the bug...

They are working on the notification bug, but because it is not affecting all members, and the sufferers are not all affected at the same time, it is proving hard to replicate, diagnose & cure.

I agree. I don't work for instructables, but according to a page I saw they said to post a forum topic if there were any bugs. Even in making this forum the 'new' file uploader didn't work, so I had to use the old one. When I first joined instructables the site did not have any bugs. Now they are all over the place.

At this point, since there seem to be so many bugs, it may be wise for them to just recode the most problematic pages. They could then update the styling and do some css work at the same time.

I've always had to click twice to post a comment. I always thought it was there and it was just something no one ever noticed.