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instructions/recipe for a totally edible popcorn shelled pinatas? Answered

   When I was a kid I remember every year we had a Popcorn Pinata at Grandmas. I'd like to make one for the kids at Church. And maybe start the tradition agian. All I remeber is it was a big hollow popcorn ball that was actually two half somehow glued together and it was pretty tastey too. I tried once before to guess at how to make it. Heres what I used and the probelms with it. Light Corn Syrup and popcorn two metal bowls and wax paper to lift it out with. The probelms were; it didn't hold it's shape taking it out (so it sure wont hold up to a beating). I'm not sure how I would go about making a loop or something stirty enough to hang it from either if it did harden enough. Also, I remember some years it was impossible for us kids to even crack it. (but the Uncles had fun helping)  Any thoughts?


It sounds like you didn't cook your corn syrup and/or didn't use enough. Possibly also didn't add any raw sugar to the corn syrup so it "freezes", idk. Unadulterated corn syrup flows at room temp after all...

*unadulterated: (not cooked, not augmented with something that does crystallize at room temp, etc)

I've never tried it, but how about...

Use the corn-syrup mix to build a shape on the outside of a bowl, then drizzle all over with melted sugar.

Make two such shapes, and glue them together at the edges with more melted sugar.

If you don't fancy playing with melted sugar, substitute melted chocolate instead.