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integrate signals? Answered

hi i have square wave start 5 then 0  picture 1with variable duty cycle i want to convert it to the signal in picture2i did integration in picture 3 but didnt invert the signal .


you want to convert a square wave to a triangle wave.

RC filter

This will change with frequency on the output put a resistor to a capacitor that goes to ground where the cap and resistor meet you get a triangle wave.


yes but i need it to be zero on negative square cycle and half triangle at positive edge i did like you said but i need to make it zero at negative square cycle i thought i can do it using scr ?

That or a diode on the output then it only goes 0 to + or 0 to - depending on the direction of your diode.


What are you trying to do ?

yes, I can see that, but what for? like Joe says, an RC filter will do that.