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internet security Answered

Is there a means to review and adjust our personal account security settings for this site? i.e. privacy concerns 

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Nostromov (author)2017-03-25

Btw., as far as (real) Internet security goes, a cool thing to have is teh Comodo Firewall (Softpedia download, as I have no idea WTH is going on with their web page - which keeps changing); but only set to Custom Ruleset (Image added, no idea -either- how it'll display - first time I'm doing it..:)

To configure it, after installation, from right-clicking on the Tray icon: 1) Advanced View, 2) Widget, Show - click off the option, 3) Firewall - Custom Ruleset, which will show prompts for each and every program - very (!) useful & the whole point of installing the program, 4) Auto-Sandbox - remain on Enabled, it will protect against system-altering software (& prompt, in case; careful when a program is auto-sandboxed, whether you'll allow it to be Whitelisted!), 5) HIPS to Disabled, it's not needed - unless you're an advanced user, 6) Viruscope - Enabled, or Disabled - depends on whether you want it to roam their Internet database!..:)

In (Options) Firewall Tasks, Stealth Ports (the second added image) is a special case - depends if you use Torrents... It's a trade-off, between being able to configure your torrent program to still be able to download (& make any connections), in most cases not being able to use torrents and having your b0x secure - by denying incoming connections, like - for example - the default Ubuntu firewall ufw works..:)


Since (Agnitum) Outpost Firewall has been bought by Kaspersky and then sold off to Yandex... The only other rule-based firewall, under Windows, that remains any good, meh (& who knows what's become of it now, blah.)

Found this, "Outpost Firewall is Dead! Long Live Outpost Firewall!"

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Downunder35m (author)Nostromov2017-03-25

The Windows firewall is not bad at all, just a total pain to use.
That is where Windows firwall control comes in.
Was named after Win7, now after Win10.
Still available as a free version and it does what it should without any hassles.

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Nostromov (author)Nostromov2017-03-25

Ok, now I really need the Edit option - which is nowhere in sight... Apparently, the Offline Installer for Comodo (Firewall) is gone - for good (WTH).

Their forum topic, which had the link(s), had been edited, zomg. :-/

Topic: CIS offline installer download links (Read 1160 times),


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Kiteman (author)2017-02-18

The only personal information viewable by non-admins is whatever you type into your profile.

The only personal information saved on the site is your email address, and if you are worried about that, you can change it to an account you create purely for that purpose.

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Hudson-108 (author)Kiteman2017-02-20

Thanks Kiteman. Appreciate the feedback.

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