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ipod nano went thru the washing machine. any chance of fixing it? Answered


Rice will work but silica gel works way better. You can get 1 lb and 5 lb bags at craft stores like Michael's and JoAnns fabrics,it is used for drying flowers. it also comes in small packets in every electronic thing you buy. It also comes in Beef Jerky packages. Don't throw them out when you buy something new. keep them for an occasion like this.

depends,if it's the new nano (chromatic) your gonna have a hard time ,but if it's a 1,2 or,3 generation you can pop it open with guitar picks (by wedging them in and gently,gradually pushing) then use a blow drier and on a low setting, dry it out, use a cloth to get the rest of the h2o, then it should be good. If this doesn't work, or anything is unclear, refer to youtube.com and look up i pod repair :)


9 years ago

Place the wet Nano at the end of a rope, spin it around your head several rpm's, the centrifugal force will help drain the unit. Then seal it in a baggie with dry raw rice.

Just don't turn it on until you are quite sure it's been thoroughly dried out. Most electronics are water-resistant when they are turned OFF. Running electricity through a wet circuit is what causes the infamous problems with water and electronics.

Try drying it out. Put it in a container of rice, and leave it for a couple of days. The dry rice will help absorb excess moisture. It might work after that. My friend's i-touch went through the washing machine. After he let it dry out, it worked just fine.