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is call of duty 4 for wii multiplayer? Answered

 i have the game but when i go to multiplayer it only lets me go online to play... can anyone help

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R055_28Best Answer (author)2010-01-07

If you have COD 4 Modern Warfare Reflex Edition, then two people can work through the campaign by simply connecting another controller to the console. However, I'm not sure about custom matches.
When in the multiplayer lobby, press some buttons on the second controller and see what happens. If an icon appears representing the second player then you are sorted, set the game up as usual. If nothing appears or happens, then it is likely that you can only play custom matches online.
Hope this helps.

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larslovespeace (author)2010-06-21

No, you can not play with 2 players on m.w reflex, only on campaign and even in that, it's not split screen.

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