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is hookup wire the same as electric wire?


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Xellers (author)2009-04-29

Yes. Hookup wire is just wire that fits in a breadboard. Not all sizes (or gauges) of wire will fit into a breadboard. Hookup wire referrers to the type of wire that will. It is electrically conductive just like any type of wire.

lemonie (author)2009-04-28

It is a type of electrically-conductive wire, so "yes" is about right.


RobotBoy740 (author)lemonie2009-04-28

ok thanks for the help

NachoMahma (author)2009-04-28

. I didn't find a definition for "hookup wire" (I'm sure there is one, I just can't find it easily), but, from what I've seen, it's usually smaller gauge wire (depends on you definition of small - I've seen 10ga called hookup wire) and the insulation is usually designed for rough (but not extreme) conditions.