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is it best to charge my ipod touch with the lowest amount of amps possible? Answered

is it best to charge my ipod touch with the lowest amount of amps possible? how many amps should i charge it with? and how do i know how much resistance my resistors need to lower the amps to how much i want them to be?

if u can answer one of these questions but not all of them please post ur answer anyway. thanks



Best Answer 8 years ago

The more important consideration, as orksecurity said, is the voltage.
That said, if amps are what you're primarily concerned with, you shouldconsider the amperage the normal charger supplies and try to match thatthe best you can. Too little and you might actually run down the battery(I've done that before), while too much will make your iPod will overheat.

how many amperes do usb ports on pcs output? if i leave my ipod on a charger too long, does it shorten the battery life or will the power supply just stop outputing power or something once the battery's fully charged?

USB ports on computers usually put out right around 500 milliamps, which is quite sufficient for an iPod. iPods have a smart-charge circuit inside of them that stop accepting the current when the battery is full, so you can leave it hooked up as long as you need.

500mA at 5VDC so you can use a regulator that goes a little above and a zener diode to regulate it at 5VDC

I pumped electricity into my ipod touch from my power supply and it showed up as exactly 500ma. Thats the absolute minimum

Inside the ipod is its own charging regulator circuit.  It will only take as much amperage as the battery/regulator will allow.  Just get the voltage right (5v for usb charger plug)

Yeah, iPods are really picky when it comes to voltage. On mine, you have to get it JUST RIGHT or it won't charge. Frustrating for a DIYer.

Not really... Theres a way to hack that so it can be +/- 0.5V. Well, first off, you can use a 5V regulator, but one way is for the USB you connect the cable to, the first pin is 5VDC, the 4th pin is ground. The 2nd pin has to connect to the 3rd pin and have a 10k ohm resistor to the 5VDC. If you do that, it will work. It worked for me at 4.8 and 5.2

Charge it with the specified voltage. Let it decide how many amps to draw.

Use a voltage regulator, not resistors.