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is it illegal to sell sodium and calcium? Answered

I know sodium and calcium are both strong alkalines and make hydrogen gas and ignite it when put in water. So is it illegal to sell it completely or do you need to have a license.


You may need a license for whatever reason. I know that calcium gets sold to us in many different ways just not in a pure form... Why do u need to know? is this for some sort of explosive device?

umm hopefully not.........dont ask

It depends where your business is, which is where?


Metalic sodium and calcium are also strong reducing agents.

The answer to your question may depend on who you are selling it to, and what it is ultimately being used for.  Although this should go without saying, the customers you want to avoid most are undercover government agents posing as your customers.

The case that comes to mind is the conviction of Joseph Swafford for selling iodine.  Although reports indicate that he was selling heroic quantities of it, and that he knew he was selling it to methamphetamine manufacturers. Some links:


I know calcium is not, but I don't know about sodium...

It depends on whether you get caught.

.  What kind of quantities are you talking about? Half-an-ounce? Half-a-ton?
.  Where do you live?
.  Where do your prospective customers live?