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is it possible to generate 15 volt at output through 12 volt ac motor ? Answered



it would be a good idea to use some gears that will up the speed going into the motor.

if it isn`t a permanent madnet motor then you would have to power the eectromagnet in thee genorator/motor with some of the output electricety.
you world also need something to "kick-start" the motor/genorator`s magnet before the magnet kicks in

You mean, by spinning the motor and using it as a generator?

Assuming it's a permanent magnet motor (which AC motors often aren't)... Maybe. Voltage generated depends on how fast you spin the motor, as well as the characteristics of the motor itself. The question would be whether it would survive being spun fast enough to generate 15 volts.

If it's a 12 volt motor it would have to be spun quite a bit over normal speed to get 15 volts since just to get 12 volts out of it you have to spin it faster than it would as a motor.

Whether you can with yours is a different question.


At what load current and rpm?