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is it possible to integrate GPS to a flash drive? Answered

i was wondering whether if i was to take a normal flash drive, and take out the gps reciever from a tomtom lets say, would i be able to integrate the two together and have the flash drive use the gps in order to locate the device??


You could read in the location from the GPS reciever to a microchip, and then do what you want with it.
- Save locations to a text file on the drive
- Transmit it's location over the internet when connected to a computer
- Display a message to the user asking them to return your item to them.

However if you want to know where it is without plugging it in, you will need another bit of hardware, possibly the brains from inside a phone, so when you text or call the phone, it responds.

Have the flask drive use the GPS to do what?
Or do you mean that you might lose the flash drive so you'd want to find it by attaching it to a GPS device?
Tape the flash drive to the GPS.


Not without some processing power between the two parts.