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is it possible to make a gear system for car with a bike engine? Answered

i want to make a complete car with bike engine.so,as the engine chenges the gear system also changes so i need help to how to chnage the bike gear system to car gear system.


A motor bike engine already offers a "quick shift", like the lame mans racing shifter.
Don't think normal gear box as in a car, think push action shifting like in racing and high performance cars.
First gear is up, all others down ;)


Your motor bike (I am assuming that is what you mean) is a complete system - Drive the car wheels from a chain and kept the bike and gear box together

Alternatively make a 3 wheeler and use the back of the bike as the rear powered wheels with 2 car wheels as the front end.

It has been done before.

If you mean anything other than a motor bike then this isn't going to work.