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is it possible to make a intake or blower for nitro rc? Answered

it would look cool and make better performance


dont they make nitro engine superchargers?

I's say a blower or some such might be pretty difficult but you could try something similar to a ram air intake to get a little more push at higher speeds...

I remember a friend of mine from high school used to race 1/4 scale nitro buggies and he managed to build a turbocharger small enough to work with the engine. (his dad owned a machine shop). It worked great for a few runs, but they didnt have access to the more exotic metals the impeller blades are made with, so the heat made them brittle, then engine failure. He thought he was the coolest guy racing those cause his had a one -off milled turbo, but it ended up killing his entire engine. Smaller scale 2 stroke nitro engines are pretty efficient already, they do make small upgrades to carbs, pistons, and exaust, but anything more and your really just burning raw fuel in the exaust. This is not to say you cant, cause their is a hand full of people making 1/4th or 1/3 scale engines with superchargers, however, they are almost a 1:3rd scale small block chevy or ford engines, which is alllll custom machine work.

Do people do this? I suspect the engines are designed to work without? L