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is it possible to start fire with water (without using ammonium nitrate)?


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tbh-1138 (author)2011-09-28

Sodium. Keep in mind that it will explode, though.

aeray (author)2011-09-22
FoolishSage (author)2011-09-19

Any of the Alkali metals will react with water to create either a flame or an explosion depending on how far down the periodic table of elements you go. Sodium and Potassium form flames and should be capable of starting a fire but as you work your way down they get more and more dangerous.
Keep in mind however that although these methods might work to get a fire started using water the presence of water will probably hinder whatever tinder you are trying to ignite.

bobby sissom (author)2011-09-18

i once watched an episode of mythbusters,where they froze a small bowl of water next to a vibrating machine(to make it freeze clear) then using ice like a magnifying glass with the sun were able to start a fire

Hello Kitty (author)2011-09-18

Of course! I have one word for you.