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is it too early to think about christmas baked gifts? I think not! Favorites???? Answered

Chistmas makables that are cost effective tast great and package well.

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strawberry-blush (author)2009-10-14

I totally agree and have already decided on what I'm baking, bought thecutters and the wrap!

This year I'm doing gingerbread reindeers & christmas trees
and shortbread stars & snowmen!

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cerberustugowar (author)2009-10-07

I collected a good stash of hazelnuts and I will be cracking them all, roasting them up and dipping them.  I figure not to many people can say no to a gift of chocolate dipped hazelnuts!

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jtp139 (author)2009-10-07

i do a lot of canning and give stuff for christmas. last year i did homemade salsa which is awesome and tastes better as time goes on. I also did a whole bunch of different kinds of applesauce. Everybody loved them. I know it's not baked goods. One of my dear friends always hands out banana nut bread which I always look forward to. My mom does marsipan and apricot cookies. Although I don't have their recipes.

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Z.. (author)2009-10-06


Warp-Speed Truffles:-

250g Philly cheese.
200g Chocolate (Dark/Light/White).

Melt choc (I use the m/wave-but don't over melt-it will be melted when it still is holding its shape.)

Mix the two together thoroughly-chill.

Work fast with chilled hands-shape into balls and roll in chocolate vermicelli/ flaked toasted almond etc.,

Chill-if you can wait that long!

(You can add a small amount of liqueur/essence to the Philly/choc mix.
and using the same weight; -use Mars bar or mint bar etc., instead of plain choc).

I usually make these early for Christmas............in January...February..March...

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