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is silhouette a CAD softwhere? Answered

No real details just want to know. Say yes or know in the comments and give a reason if you have time. Thanks!

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bwrussellBest Answer (author)2017-07-17

Ultimately yes, CAD doesn't have a super restrictive definition in general but it could depend on why you want to know. It's sort of a CAD/Graphic Design hybrid, at least the way my wife uses it.

Entering into a CAD contest here? Good to go, it definitely counts as computer aided design.

Applying for a technical/engineering job looking for CAD experience? No. They want you to be able to use the more traditional, technical CAD software packages and experience with Silhouette won't really transfer in any meaningful way.

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inconceivable1 (author)bwrussell2017-07-17

sweet thats what I needed to know! thanks!

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-max- (author)2017-07-16

Computer Aided Design:

Does it run on a Computer? Yes. ✔

Does it Aid you in Design? Yes. ✔

It's CAD ;-)

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RampedUpDIY (author)2017-07-15

I'm assuming you're talking about Silhouette Studio the CAD software used to design projects for a Silhouette brand cutting machine. In short: Yes it is a CAD software because it assists in the design of projects. However, it is limited to the 2-dimensional projects that you would cut out with a silhouette machine or maybe even a Cricket or laser engraver. Hope that was helpful=)

PS: Just for curiosity are you asking because you want to enter one of the Instructables design contest?

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