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is there a program to easily download a video off of youtube and convert it to an mp3? it has to be for a mac . Answered

i have tried both the realplayer downloader, which does not apperantely convert videos to mp3 files, and a plugin for firefox, which causes problems with the program. i want to download and convert videos with one program on my mac mini , which by the way has an intel processor and os 10.5.6



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 The best app is Vixy (vixy.net) they also have an online version. Plus its Free. Works Great!

I see what you mean

and the only app that can make it in one step is Softorino YouTube Converter

it converts to MP3 & saves to iPhone simultaneously

I know an
online application supports to convert online youtube video to mp3 directly. I’m
not sure whether it is compatible with mac mini, but sure that it runs on mac

thanks to every1 but shove all dirpy.com listentoyoutube.com among others

If you have a cable that has a headfone socket on both ends. Plug it into the headfone and microfone sockets use a program like audacity to record while you play the video. Works every time.


Here's a fairly easy way.
So you have your YouTube video URL, like www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXXXXXX. Here's what you do. Replace the "watch?v=" with "get_video?video_id=", then type "&t=" at the end of the URL. Now, view the page's source code (right-click, "View Page Source" in FireFox) and search for "t:", with the quotes. After it, there should be a long string of text in quotes. Select it (without the quotes) and copy & paste it to the end of the URL. Press enter, and you should be asked to save an FLV file. Save it (if your using FireFox, make sure you type ".flv" at the end). Now go here, scroll down, and download the program. Now just load the FLV, set the output format to MP3 (in the bottom left) and click "convert". Done!

If you're looking for just the audio (which an .mp3 file would be) you should check out Audio Hijack.  The shareware version will allow you to download up to 10 minutes before it adds static, which incidently is also the max amount of time for youtube videos.  If you want to buy the full version, it's just $32 which is pretty reasonable.