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is there a simple way to make a car in littlebigplanet? Answered



Best Answer 9 years ago

Not really. I love LittleBigPlanet! I may be able to help you, my PlaStation Network (PSN) name is RomanArtifact. Basically, you want to make a basic shape out of a light and grabbable material. Sponge is ideal. Take this shape slightly off the ground. Add some kind of wheel in front of this, I like bottlecaps and bike wheels. Add a Grab Switch on the car. Bolt the wheels by adding a motor bolt. The grab switch should activate the motor bolt. test what torque and slipness you like. Test it, play around with it. ~RoAr

Well i had a simple way. what i did is i got the small grid out and made a couple of horizontal lines across. Using one of the eclipses place 1 on the top line for the roof. Get a circle the size of the car wheels you would have and make a semi cirle cut out where the wheels would be place. using the corner editor round the sides then using card make all of the horizontal lines 1 by joining them up.

I rigged a skateboard with a big wheel in the back and put a motor on it, I call it the roflcar