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is there a way to half the materials needed in an origami project but make it the same size? Answered

I dont have very much paper, but I love to make origami. If I want to make something that usually takes 1 piece of paper, could I half that but make it the same size, and make it look the same?


Nope. You can go for a simpler model, which will give you a relatively larger product than if it were complex. The exception is a Ninja Star, which is generally made from a square, cut in two, then each piece is folded in two. You can use half a square cut in two, for a weaker throwing star. I did this all the time. Also how do you not have a lot of paper? You can always use lined paper, sticky notes, etc. See what interesting paper you can find, like magazines, fliers, etc. They are not guaranteed to work super well, but its fun to experiment. And if you want a perfect square, you might want to just use a piece of nice origami paper to trace the square onto your other paper to cut out.

Only if you can find a way to split the paper into two _thinner_ pieces of paper having the same dimensions. Or if you find a completely different way to fold something that looks the same. Which in most cases will not be easy.