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is there a way to make an air tight seal between two sheets of aluminum without soldering, brazing, or welding? Answered



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many varieties glue and caulking compound:
silicone caulk
latex caulk
epoxy glue
urethane glue

also rubber seals, O-rings and gaskets

Or simply fold the edges over together two or three times and hammer the folds flat.

Hit "best" on Burf's post, and the whole thread counts.

Nostalgic Guy's got it; context matters. If you're trying to keep your sandwich clean, that's one issue. If you're making a solar reflecting oven, that's another.

Kiteman's method's great, especially if you have access to a metal folder - the joints are gas tight.

Soda can lids are assembled in a similar way. They don't leak either.

Both Burf & Kiteman a re quite right you could use any of the methods they suggest but it really depends on what you want to do with the joined sheets.
A little more information about what you are making would produce answers that would be far more helpful to you.