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is there a way to make night vision goggles at home? is there an instructable on that? Answered

i wanted to make night vision goggles so wanted to know the things required, the procedure, precautions etc. is there an instructable on this?


Yes, I made some IR night vision goggles. They're on my page under "super simple night vision". they're bigger, but they work well.

NVGs of the type in the picture you attached use an image intensifier tube, which requires sophisticated manufacturing far beyond a home laboratory. There's a good reason that they're expensive.

DIY alternatives generally involve a camera adapted for IR vision and a bank of IR LEDs to illuminate the scene, which runs to a display of some sort for you to view. Check the "related"s on the sidebar. Kipkay has clear instructions, as usual.

You can make them DIY but it won't be easy or cheap. You need small cameras, amps optics screens holders batteries etc. Google "night vision goggles" to get a start.