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is there an advantage to having a battery with a higher mAh? Answered

I have a Pentax digital camera that came with a D-LI88 rechargeable Lithium-ion battery with a 3.7V, typ.740mAh (2.8Wh), and min.700mAh.
I want to buy an extra battery for it. I can find batteries with the same 3.7V, but the mAh are different.


It makes a BIG difference. I have a camera that only works for about 20 minutes on a 750 ma-hr battery... but when i put a duracell 2650 ma-hr battery in the camera... it works a LOT LONGER. Do not waste your money on cheap batteries. Get the good ones that have a higher ma-hr rating. otherwise, you will be changing batteries every time you turn on the camera.

More is more capacity - your camera will work for longer, with a battery with more mAh

^correct answer. To add on, Volts are 'pressure', where Amps are the current (or flowrate). Pressure washer = high voltage low current. River flow = very low pressure, very high current. Neither measures capacity directly. If you take a current over an amount of time, you get a total amount. The river flows 1000 cubic meters per second. (not a capacity, a flowrate). In one hour, the river flows 3600 seconds * 1000/second = 3600000 Cubic meters (a capacity). Same applies here. The battery you mention is 3.7 volts, with .740 amp-hours of storage capacity. This means it can sustain an output of 3.7 volts, and a current of .74 amps, for an hour, give or take.