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is there an easy way for me to mount a screen above my bed? Answered

i don't really have a screen yet, so i'm open to any suggestions. i do have a PSP that might be usable.



Best Answer 9 years ago

if you use an lcd monitor, you could use any of the non articulating lcd panel mounts, just attached to the ceiling. i dont think a psp screen would be big enough for anything other than a really big clock at that distance...

i'm gonna HAVE TO use an LCD monitor, i forgot to mention, i sleep about 50-60cm from my ceiling.

if all you want to do is play psp games, that would work.

otherwise... you could use a ps1 addon screen... its about 50-75 bucks on ebay, and has rca inputs.... you could velcro or use two wood screws on the ceiling to hold it. otherwiese, use an lcd computer monitor with a mount like these




If you want something cool, you could try to find the studs in your ceiling and put some thick chains in the studs and attach the chains to a tv or something you bought at a second hand store or something.

A shelf above your bed and then the said device attached to this using a car mount or something.

Just make sure you attach the mount in a good spot. If not..... It will fall on your face... Drill it into the... (the ones in the wall are called studs...) ...the ceiling beam thingys. I think a standard stud finder should help you find a beam.