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is there any Home-Made microcontroller instructible or other tutorial? Answered

is there any Home-Made microcontroller instructible or other tutorial? I want to know any other way to get a microcontroller other than actually getting a factory made microcontroller.


I'm sure you've changed the question here - To answer the question as it is now . . .
Building a general purpose microcontroller would be an enormously complex task requiring a very high level on design expertise.

Something which is achievable is a microcontroller to perform a single task, for which you could use a binary counter and an EPROM.  One of the older ones, such as a 2732 requires a relatively simple programmer and would give you eight outputs and 12 inputs.  The inputs could be a mix of the counter outputs for sequential operation, feedback from the outputs, or manual inputs.

Circuit operation is defined by considering all possible combinations of inputs and the outputs required for each.  These bytes have to be programmed in the EPROM.

This is the approach I used to design an IEEE interface controller in 1979 or thereabouts.  It gets you VERY familiar with bit-twiddling and binary to hex conversion.

Although as has been mentioned, unless you are doing this for novelty value it is so, so much easier to spend a couple of quid on a current programmable microcontroller.

The microcontroller chips contain, and can replace, a heck of a lot of digital logic. You are NOT going to produce anything like that level of function at anything like that price, and may have trouble even getting to their speed.

There are certainly less expensive solutions than an Arduino, but most of them require a separate investment in a development platform and some of them don't have a very active hobbyist community.

And there may be non-microcontroller ways to solve your problem. Sometimes dedicated logic is a good alternative. Sometimes analog is a good alternative. Don't focus on the microcontroller -- that's just a tool -- but on what you're trying to build.

You could build your own microcontroller from discrete logic chips, or take it back a step further and build the logic functions from transistors and then into a microcontroller, but the electronics industry has been going in the other direction for the past 50 years, cramming more and more circuitry onto a tiny piece of silicon.
If you're actually looking for designs using microcontrollers, do a search on picaxe, arduino or AVR to name but three of the popular ones.  There are learning resources for these all over the Internet.


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If you have a fab available to you, you can make your own microcontrollers. If not, you'll need a few billion dollars to build one.

What do YOU mean by a "microcontroller" - to me, that is just the chip, which costs less than 8 USD or so.