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is there any free programs to help get my infected laptop uninfected? Answered

im looking for a program that wont say we can get all your infected junk out.just pay $59.99. is there a free one out there???



Best Answer 9 years ago

I'd agree with ZEROGX here's the AVG link: http://free.avg.com/
But also get your OS updated, I assume it's Windows so go to Microsoft looking for updates & service packs.


Malware bytes anti malware is the best program i have ever used for that kind of thing.


8 years ago

your best bet if your running windows is to tap F11 rapidly a at start up to do a system recovery if you have it installed on computer if your locked out of your pc because of virus if not locked i'd go with Lemonie's answer

If you know what is infecting your computer, you could get a live Linux disk and boot from the disk, find the virus and erase it. I recommend Puppy Linux, it's really small and runs in Ram.

NOTE TOO: If it's the _ad_ which is telling you that you're infected, it may be lying to you.

You could look at Avast! by alwil software. I replaced AVG with this and it works very well, I also found it to be faster than AVG.