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is there any one who could help get my nerf gun idea made (profesionally) from the nerf company/ hasbro, could u help Answered

ok so i have an idea for an insane nerf gun idea it would have a six shot cylinder, in side the stock there is an aluminum air tank which can be screwed out, refilled by a bycicle pump and screwed in. this is the power system, more power and it becomes semi auto it is able to shoot nerf footballs, the green foamy balls, or a cartrige can be inserted to have a shell put in to shoot a tri shot with darts. if posable the stock should be adjustable, and have a removable forgrip, just like the scope type attatching system, and please if your someone who can do somthing about this to get it made, make it POWERFUL, more than any othere gun, so if you can help or tell me who to contact, post a coment or design and create the gunin n strike paint job, or black, silver and darke green, oh and post ideasfor anything else that should be added, and put alot of attatchment rails on it, it should look similar to a moder millitary grenade launcher.


Unfortunately, i do not think that an unscrewable aluminum tank that kids would be able to bash each other in the head would pass through a safety check. also Nerf footballs would be dangerous as a projectile.

scroll over 'customer services'
click 'contact'
Try some of those,
Hope this helped!
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7 years ago

get the cs-35 and mod it, its epic! i have it and its accurate and goes about 50ft!

i meant it shouldnt be like an aircannon not should on two post before

exactly wut im looking for, good idea

and if any of you pay paint ball like i do, the tank contains co2,nitrogen or just air, you can go all day on a single 20 ounce tank, it realeses a little air at a time, with each shot, so darknessfalls, its should be like an air cannon when all the air is waisted at once, just a little at a time, all you guies are party poopers, im not saying it has to shoot like 300ft, just be able to shoot acrose my basement.

ok, thanks for clearing it up.. but the danger would come if someone loaded something other than a foam ball into it... take a look at the NERF titan, it could easily be modified for what your thinking (if i understand it right)

you want to make something like this right?

you could take a nerf Titan, add a revolving "clip" to fit what you want to, and then you just pump it to shoot

ic, but my idea is so cool, how is it dangerous?, it doesnt have to be dangerous, nerf stuff is foam, and it doesnt have to be like an air cannon, but i dont want it to shoot like three feet,just enough for some fun

Gonna state this out in more thought out way now...
1)NERF would never make this... as BillyBenj said there are too many problems that would be a liability for NERF, plus NERF has never been known to take ideas from fans and users and only from their R&D team
2)NERF would never make a gun that looks realistic/dull colors, thus the whole red, Blue, and Yellow things (along with other bright colors), it is too much with liability and police thinking "hey, that looks like a gun" when they see a black gun
3) power is a problem, thus why thye usually stay witht he reverse plunger mechanism used as well as the ARs inside
4) take a foam football to the head from a high powered air canon, IT REALLY HURTS
5)more danger: in order to work you would need to put a lot of air into the tank (more PSI than safe unless you know all about the tank, also a tank design like you have described would only be good for 1 shot then youd need to refill making it ineffective...

i really would have to agree with BillyBenj, it sounds too dangerous... PLUS HASBRO has never taken ideas from people outside their teams...

Hasbro would NEVER make anything like that. That sounds way to dangerous and hard to use, and if some little kid decides to put metal balls in it and shoots his friend, then hasbro would get sued like crazy, theres a reason why nerf guns are so weak. if you want to get someebody to make it try like an airsoft comopany or something.