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is there any other robotic kit exept legos mindstorms? Answered

i thought of buying legos mindstorms but some said that it is too expensive,so if there is any other robotic kit plz suggest me....!!!!!!!!!!!!


try this and this the velleman kits have ones from 5.00 to 200.00

www.solarobotics.com (Its an awesome site!)
http://www.junun.org/MarkIII/Store.jsp (A couple of kits there)
http://www.electronickits.com/robot/robot.htm (Very nice site with lots of robotics stuff!)

These other websites :

OWI, CIC, Parallax, Ibotz, Microbric, BattleKit, Robotis, Japan Robotech, Elenco, Velleman

arduino and motors?

Well, let me apologise in advance, why not make your own?

there are any number of 'freebie' websites where you can get motors, electronics, etc, etc, etc and then you can cannibalise these, or even start 'saving' stuf that would get thrown out otherwise - after all it won't take much to store stuff in an attic, for example.

There's really no substitute for actual hands-on experience - dive in!
(We'll even hold your hand, in the forums here and other places!)