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is there any practical point in getting the dremel 400 over the dremel 300? Answered

im looking for a new dremel and i am undecided between the 400 and the 300. while the latter is cheaper, are there any good reasons to get the 400 over the 300 such that the added cost will pay for itself in functionality/durability? cheers



The answer depends upon what/how you'll use it. I use my Dremel about 4 times per year.....but when I need it, I really NEED it!!

You know, personally, I'd probably get the cheaper one.

what are you using it for? a cheap no-name brand dremel with pen tool extension for $40 will beat out a dremel with no extension.

the 300 series is cheaper but its a bit bulkier, the 400 series is more ergonomic.

i have the 300 nd ot works brillintly for most tasks!!! the main differences are the 400 has some more attachments like the jigsaw but i would go for the 300 because the 400`s extra features arent really used that often!!! cm

I always avoid the dremel name except for the tools. I get the hardware store noname brand, and they tend to last 'as long' on a set of carbon brushes as the others. I can't suggest anything particular about the 400 over the 300.